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Younger Drivers Toolkit

Resources to educate and inform drivers ages 16-20 about traffic safety.
Educating Younger Drivers About Traffic Safety

Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death and serious injury for people ages 16-20. Young drivers are also greatly over-represented in crashes. Drivers ages 16-20 are over-represented in crashes; 7% of the drivers involved in crashes in 2019 were ages 16-20, compared to being 4% of all licensed drivers. Some of the leading causes of these crashes are excessive speed, distractions, and driver inexperience. 

Young drivers lack experience. However, when parents or adult mentors (such as teachers and coaches) help them develop safe driving skills early on, teens are less likely to crash, speed, use a cellphone while driving, and more likely to buckle up.

Resources for Educators
If you educate younger drivers in New York State you can request informational and educational materials, posters, and visits from guest speakers by filling out a request for more information.

Public Service Announcement

Drugged Driving is Impaired Driving

Parent-Teen Driver Contract
A parent-teen driving agreement is a formal agreement between you, the parent, and your teen driver. It outlines specific rules that parents and teens agree to follow and the consequences for breaking the rules.
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