Speed Limits

Always drive at or below the speed limit. If you choose to follow the crowd and travel at the same speed as everyone else, you could receive a ticket for speeding. The law does not make exceptions because everyone else is speeding too. You just might be the unlucky one in the one pack who happens to get caught – or the one who has to take an evasive action to prevent a crash.

The maximum speed limit is just that, the maximum speed at which drivers can lawfully operate their motor vehicles. This does not mean that drivers must drive at this speed limit; they can, and should in many cases, drive at speeds less than the maximum speed limit, such as when the pavement is wet or icy. However, driving too slowly can also be dangerous. Some Interstate highways have posted minimum speeds, usually 40 mph. In general, it is safest to drive with the flow of traffic unless that flow is exceeding the speed limit.


SpeedMinimum fineMaximum finePossible jail time
up to 10 mph over$45$150not more than 15 days
more than 10 mph over - less than 30 mph over$90$300not more than 30 days
more than 30 mph over$180$600not more than 30 days
inappropriate speed$45$150not more than 15 days

Fines increase if convicted of more than 1 speed violation in 18 months. A license is revoked for 3 convictions in 18 months. Fines may vary for speeding in a school zone or restricted highway. Fines may vary for speeding in a school zone or restricted highway. Fines are doubled in work zones. Posted speed limits in work zones must be observed regardless of whether construction activities are actually occurring at the time. 

Driver Penalty Points

MPH over speed limitPoints
MPH over speed limit not indicated3
1 - 10 mph3
11 - 20 mph4
21 - 30 mph6
31 - 40 mph8
More than 40 mph11

In addition to the fines and penalties shown, you will have to pay a state surcharge and possibly a Driver Responsibility Assessment if you receive six or more points on your driver record during an 18-month period.