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Information about Traffic Safety Partners

Services By Our Partners

  • 511ny.org for NYS Travel, Traffic and Transit Information.

GTSC Member Agencies

Traffic Safety Partners

GTSC has many other partners in the traffic safety community, including Traffic Safety Boards, STOP-DWI coordinators, local governments and not-for-profit organizations.

New York State STOP-DWI Association, Inc.

New York State Association of Traffic Safety Boards

Association of New York State Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO)

A coalition of the thirteen MPOs in New York State, which have committed to work together toward common goals like planning and research initiatives can help our organizations provide high-quality transportation planning expertise to the public throughout the State.

MPO Home Page

MPO Working Groups


Committee Chair's Awards

Governor's Traffic Safety Committee Chair's Awards

The Governor's Traffic Safety Committee Chair's Awards were presented for the first time at the October 2000 Highway Safety Symposium. Generally, two Chair's Awards will be presented at the annual New York State Highway Safety Symposium: one for individuals and a second for organizations. To be considered, an individual or organization will have made efficient use of public resources and will have produced programs that are innovative, superior and highly successful in promoting Traffic Safety. State agencies are not eligible for this award. Recipients must be grantees of the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee.

Current recipients are:

  • Investigator Jason M. DePaulo
  • Lieutenant James D. Cleary
  • Captain Laurie DeVaul
  • Guilderland Police Department
  • Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees

Nominations for Chair's Awards are due in mid-September. The nomination form and further information will be available prior to that time.


Partners For Safety

The GTSC started the Partners for Safety awards program in 1996 to recognize voluntary contributions made by corporations, companies and organizations outside of government in the effort to prevent highway crashes and injuries, promote traffic safety, and make New York State a safer place to live.

Partners For Safety Nomination Process

The Governor's Traffic Safety Committee accepts nominations for its prestigious "Partners for Safety Awards," from October to December. The awards are to recognize the special contributions that our private sector partners have made to traffic safety.

New York State has an admirable highway safety record achieved through the concerted and cooperative efforts of many organizations in both the public and private sectors of our Empire State. Please submit your written nominations to the Governor's Traffic Safety Award Committee by December 31. The nomination form (MS Word®) can be completed on your computer and printed. Each nomination should include a detailed explanation of why the organization should be recognized. Please include your nominee's mailing address and phone number. You may submit as many nominees as you wish.

If you have any questions, please call your highway safety program representative at the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee at (518) 474-5111.

Our most recent recipients:

Beth Spirakis has done exemplary work as a leader in the Garden City PTA and the coordinator of the Garden City High School Safety Driving Campaign. Young drivers are one of our most "at-risk" populations and continuous messaging is critical to affecting change in their behavior. The concerted, community-based outreach that the PTA engaged to reduce crashes among this demographic should serve as a model for others.

Jody Clark, Director of Transportation for the Seneca Nation of Indians (SNI), has provided an open door for discussion, cooperative efforts and mentoring on traffic safety issues on SNI territory. For the 8,260 Senecas from eight clans on three territories (Oil Springs, Cattaraugus and Allegany), the collaborative efforts begun by Jody Clark have had a significant impact on traffic safety awareness in and around the Seneca Nation.