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Promoting the safe use of seat belts and child safety seats in New York State.
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Seat Belts Save Lives

In 1984, New York State became the first state to enact a mandatory seat belt law. New York's seat belt law is a "primary enforcement law".  This means that a police officer may stop you for not having a seat belt on.

A statewide seat belt observational survey conducted in June 2019 shows that the current seat belt use rate is at a historical high of 94%. Despite these gains in usage, roughly 33% of the front-seat occupants killed on New York State roadways are unrestrained. When unbelted back seat occupants killed are included, the total unrestrained killed percentage rises to approximately 37%.

Increasing seat belt and child safety seat use is the most effective way to reduce crash-related injuries and fatalities. Buckle Up New York, Click It Or Ticket, is a statewide, zero-tolerance enforcement effort coordinated by the State Police, local agencies, sheriff's offices, and the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee to increase safety restraint use in New York State.

**Effective November 1, 2020:

  • All motor vehicle passengers aged 16 and older must be restrained by a seat belt.
  • Backseat passengers in a taxi or livery who are 16 years of age or older must be restrained by a seat belt.
  • All passengers in a taxi or livery who are 8-15 years of age must be restrained by a seat belt.

Buckle Up! Every Trip, Every Time. Seat Belt Safety Starts With You

Occupant Safety Program Inquiries

Sgt. Todd Engwer, NYSP
Statewide Law Enforcement Liaison 
Governor's Traffic Safety Committee
New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
6 Empire State Plaza, Room 410B
Albany, NY 12228