Parent/Teen Contract

Have the Talk, Take the Pledge, Follow the Rules

Write your Parent-Teen Driver Contract now!!

What is a parent-teen driving agreement?

A parent-teen driving agreement is a formal agreement between you, the parent, and your teen driver. It outlines specific rules that parents and teens agree to follow and the consequences for breaking the rules.

Why use a parent-teen driving agreement?

Car crashes are the leading killer of teens in New York State. As a parent, you have the greatest influence over your teen’s driving. Parents who set driving rules and keep track of their teen’s whereabouts in a supportive, non-controlling manner may cut their teen driver’s crash risk in half. Setting specific rules will provide much needed limits to keep your teen driver safe. Everyone will be on the same page about your family's rules of the road.

We agree that having a parent-teen driving agreement is important to us. What should we do next?

1. Have the Talk – Have a parent teen discussion about each of the rules below. Talk about why they are important to follow as well as the consequences for breaking the rules. Familiarize yourself with the New York State - Graduated Drivers License Law. For information on the law go to GTSC's Younger Driver Resources Page.

2. Take the Pledge – Together – Teen driver and parent should check the boxes below for each of the rules that have been agreed to. Once the pledge is submitted, you will each receive an email with the details of your pledge.

3. Follow the Rules – Print out your pledge and hang it in a visible spot in your home, like on the refrigerator door. It will be a reminder of the importance of safe driving.

Non-Negotiable Rules 

(teen must acknowledge each rule with check)
I pledge to:
I pledge to NOT:

Parental Commitments 

(Parents must check all that apply)
As Parents we pledge to:

Courtesies and Considerations 

(Teen must acknowledge with Check)
I agree to: