County Traffic Safety Boards


1672. County traffic safety board.

1673. Membership of board.

1674. Organization and reports by the board. 1675. Functions of the board.

1676. Executive secretary of board.

1677. County purpose and charges.

§ 1672. County traffic safety board. Any county not wholly included within a city may by local law establish a traffic safety board for such county.

§1673. Membership of board.

(a) Such board shall be composed of not less than ten members interested in traffic safety and traffic problems appointed by the board of supervisors or other governing body of the county.

(b) Each member shall be a resident of the county and shall be a qualified elector thereof. At least one but not more than three of such members shall be a resident or residents of and be appointed from each one of the cities contained in the county, and the balance of such members shall be appointed from the county at large.

(c) The term of office of such members shall be three years, except that the members first appointed to such board shall be appointed as follows: one-third shall be appointed for a term of three years; one-third for a term of two years and the remaining members of the board for a term of one year. Upon the expiration of the term of office of any member, his successor shall be appointed to membership in such board for a term of three years.

(d) The members of such board shall receive no compensation for services but shall be entitled to their reasonable and necessary expenses, incurred in the performance of their duties, within any appropriation made for such purpose.

§1674. Organization and reports by the board. The traffic safety board shall:

1. Meet and organize within fifteen days after its members are appointed.

2. Elect annually a chairman, vice-chairman and a secretary from its members.

3. Adopt rules for the conduct of its business.

4. Within the limits of the appropriations made therefore by the board of supervisors or other governing body of the county, authorize the employment of such personnel as may be necessary to properly perform the functions and carry out the objectives of this article.

5. Appoint an executive secretary who shall be the executive and administrative officer of the board.

6. Render annually to the board of supervisors or other governing body of the county, and from time to time as required, a verified account of all moneys received and expended by it or under its direction and an account of its proceedings and of other pertinent matters in such form and manner as may be required by such board or body.

7. Submit annually to the proper fiscal authorities of the county, at such time and in such manner as may be required by the law applicable thereto, an estimate of the funds required to carry out the purposes of this article.

8. Submit a report of activities annually to the state and, from time to time, such other information or reports as may be required by the state pursuant to the provisions of Article 16-A of the executive law.

§1675. Functions of the board. The board is authorized:

1. To promote and encourage street and highway traffic safety.

2. To formulate county-wide highway safety programs and coordinate efforts of interested parties and agencies engaged in traffic safety education.

3. To cooperate with local officials within the county in the formulation and execution of traffic safety programs and activities.

4. To study traffic conditions on streets and highways within the county, study and analyze reports of accidents and causes thereof, and recommend to the appropriate legislative bodies, departments or commissions, such changes in rules, orders, regulations and existing law as the board may deem advisable.

5. To conduct meetings within the county whenever and wherever the board shall deem it advisable and to invite to such meetings parties and agencies, public and private, interested in traffic regulations, control and safety education. 6. To promote safety education for drivers and pedestrians.

7. To obtain and assemble motor vehicle accident data, and to analyze, study and consolidate such data for educational and informational purposes.

8. To coordinate and direct local activities related to the implementation of the state highway program, as approved by the Governor or his designee.

§1676. Executive secretary of board. The executive secretary of the board shall:

Subject to the supervision and control of the board perform the functions necessary to properly and efficiently carry out the provisions and purposes of this article.

Be a citizen of the United States.

Receive such salary and expenses as the board of supervisors or other governing body of the county may fix and properly account for such expenses.

Furnish an official undertaking in an amount and in such form and with such sureties as shall be approved by the board of supervisors or other governing body of the county.

§1677. County purpose and charges. The provisions of this article and expenditures made hereunder shall be deemed a county purpose and charge.