Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety

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It is imperative for us to understand the shared responsibility we all have in reducing Commercial Motor Vehicle crashes. This is especially true as the motor carrier industry continues to grow to deliver the bulk of the consumer goods here in NYS. The trucking industry plays a pivotal role in New York State’s economy providing more than 275,000 jobs.

According to the Institute for Traffic Safety and Management Research (ITSMR), there were a total of 12,838 crashes involving large trucks in 2017.  A total of 4,096 (32%) of these crashes resulted in some type of personal injury and 93 of these crashes (.72%) resulted in one or more fatalities. Fatal & Personal Injury (F&PI) crashes involving large trucks are more likely to involve multiple vehicles (87%) than other F&PI crashes (70%).

National Work Zone Awareness Week
April 20-24 is National Work Zone Awareness Week! It's important during this week, and every week, to remind all drivers how taking the proper precautions in work zones can keep themselves and workers safe.

Check out our work zone tips and share the message to keep our roads safe for drivers and workers alike!

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