Billboard and Poster Contest

GTSC Billboard and Poster Contest

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Feeling creative? See our short video to learn more about the GTSC's Billboard and Poster Contest.

About the billboard and poster contest

Right now, many New Yorkers are doing their part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 though social distancing and by staying in their homes. The GTSC knows that many people are home with school-age children and are looking for learning activities they can do with their kids.   

To that end, the GTSC is holding a Traffic Safety Billboard/Poster Contest. You now have a chance to remind drivers of the importance of good decisions when behind the wheel. Your idea could even end up as a billboard seen throughout New York.   

Through June 1st, use the form below to submit your billboard or poster idea! All entries are welcome. Winners will be chosen by GTSC staff and notified via the contact information provided. Here are some traffic safety topics to get you started but feel free to come up with your own as well:

  • Seat belt use
  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Impaired driving by alcohol or drugs
  • Motorcycle safety
  • Young/Novice driver safety
  • Senior driver safety
  • Pedestrian safety 
Contest Rules

A few rules: 

  • No blood or gore. We know that crashes are violent and can result in serious injury or death. However, these messages will be for viewers of all ages. 
  • Any puns or play on words can be creative, to a limit. Any inappropriate, mean spirited, or aggressive messaging will be immediately rejected.  
  • Image files must be one of the following types: pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, gif. 
  • Ideally, images will be either 400 X 840 pixels or a 400 X 1400 pixels.  
  • Please upload a compressed or minimally scaled version of the image file. If your billboard/poster is chosen, you will be contacted for a higher definition version. 
  • For children, using a poster board or paper is allowable. Take a photo of the design with as little background as possible so that the design takes up the entire image.
  • If you use a statistic or statement based in fact in your image design, please provide a citation or website where the information can be found and validated. 


Any questions may be e-mailed to [email protected]

Good luck!  And be safe.

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